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Our Referral Page

While we appreciate when our clients and friends recommend our services to friends, we also feel the need to refer our clients and friends to those businesses that offer services that match what we do.  Here is an ongoing list that we recommend:

1.  Sycamore Vet Hospital

Dr Saul Neubauer, Newtown, Pa.

2.  Cheryl Metzel, Dog Trainer

Cheryl has 20 years of hands on working experience with various breeds of dogs.
 Approximately ten years ago Cheryl adopted her first Golden Retriever and she became a volunteer with that rescue group.  Since then she has rescued two more Goldens.  Cheryl wanted to put her experience towards raising two puppies and that is where her formal obedience work started.
 Cheryl's current dogs are all registered therapy dogs and all have earned their AKC Canine Citizen Award (CGC).  Her one Golden holds titles in the American Kennel Club (AKC) and her younger Golden is learning all the exercises to get ring ready.  These Golden's are not just registered with the AKC but also registered with Untied Kennel Club (UCK) and awaiting Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registry.
 Cheryl is an avid reader on current training methods and attends numerous workshops and seminars throughout the year.  She is also actively participating in two local dog training clubs.  Cheryl is also a Tester/Observer for a national recognized therapy dog group and must retest each year with 100% to hold this position.  She also holds a professional status as a trainer with an international canine association and is also an evaluator for two programs for AKC - S.T.A.R. Puppy and the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Award.  Cheryl has held the position of an instructor and president of a dog club and is still an active board member of a training club.
 "Dog training builds a positive, lifelong bond between your dog and you.  Whether you are involved in dog sports or have a family pet.  The dog is a pleasure to have in your home and a best friend."

3.  Spano's Restaurant, Pt. Pleasant, NJ

One of the best Italian restaurants I have ever had the pleasure to dine in.

4.  Terese A. Lentini, Graphic Designer

My office has been working with Terry since 2010.  She helped me rebrand, has produced numerous projects for the office.  Terry always comes in before schedule, is very reasonably priced and her designs always exceed expectations.  Please contact my office for her contact information.