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1. Who is the Advisor?

2. What does the Advisor offer?

Sound wealth management advice regarding taxes, investments, insurance, estate planning, pensions, retirement planning and general financial matters.

3. Whom do we serve?

4. Who can benefit most by our services?

5. How much money do you need to start a Wealth Management program?

6. What is a Financial Plan?

7. How is the plan implemented?

8. How do we help clients?

9. How much do we charge for planning services?

10. Is the fee tax deductible?

11. Do we sell financial planning products such as investments and insurance?

12. Do we provide legal services?

13. Do we provide tax preparation services?

14. What types of Securities do we provide advice about?

15. Do we guarantee investment performance?

16. What are the principal sources of information we use?

17. Will Client information be kept confidential?

18. Once a program is completed, does our relationship end?

19. How do we get started?